Sales within Germany

You will receive an invoice including the currently valid VAT.

In the case of deliveries of telecommunication devices with a total value of more than 5000 € net to German companies with UID, the invoice will be carried out without VAT according to § 13b UmStG.

Sales in EU countries

Private customers receive an invoice including VAT. The VAT rate differs depending on the product type. Physical products are billed with the currently valid German tax rate; airtime vouchers for SIM cards are charged with the VAT rate of the respective EU country.

Company customers with UID receive a net invoice without VAT.

Export to Switzerland, countries outside the EU
as well as some islands, municipalities within the EU for which separate regulations apply

If the goods are less than 1000 Euro, customs clearance is carried out by the shipping provider. For this, approx. 20 euros are charged directly to the customer via the shipping provider.

For goods with a value of more than 1000 Euro a customs declaration has to be made. This costs 40 € and is already included in the shipping costs, which the shop indicates.

Our invoice is billed without German VAT. The Swiss VAT is charged to the customer via the shipping provider.

If you pick up the goods from us and carry them yourself to a third country, we can reimburse you VAT under certain conditions. The VAT will be charged by us first in the form of a deposit. We will provide you with pre-filled papers for customs clearance. If all conditions are fulfilled and we receive the papers stamped by the customs office, we will reimburse the deposit to your account. 

The export must take place in non-commercial travel within 3 months from purchase of the goods. The contractor must be resident in the third country. You can find complete information under the keyword "Turnover tax exemption when goods are exported in the course of non-commercial travel" on the Internet.