Modems and Terminals of Inmarsat

Inmarsat satellite terminals are designed for land and sea with data rates up to 650 kbps. On land, you differentiate between stationary, mobile and terminals for vehicles with tracking antennas, since Inmarsat works with geostationary satellites. The BGAN service is also offered as M2M variant for machine control. Further functions are VoIP and analog telephony with connection to telephone systems (POTS, PABX), fax, ISDN, streaming data, Internet, fixed IP, remote maintenance, WLAN, Ethernet, GSM mobile extension.
Spare parts and accessories

Inmarsat Cobham BGAN (PDF), Inmarsat Hughes BGAN (PDF)
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Cobham Explorer 727 Inmarsat BGAN Terminal
Satellite terminal for vehicle mount on mainland
15.750,00 EUR
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